Six Figure Success Academy Review – Promote High-ticket offers 2019?

Six Figure Success Academy offers and a “new” aproach to promoting affiliate, or even your own, products and get results in this marketing space.

Creators: Mike Balmaceda and Ty Cohen
Price: $997
Official Site:

So, what is Six Figure Success Academy?

six figure success academy reviewIn short, it’s training course and tools to create webinars that you use to sell high-ticket affiliate offers or your own products.

Sound familiar? Most high-ticket offers out there are sold using webinars these days. I be you got at least 1 email about an upcoming webinar in the next few days. The reason so many people use them is because they convert at 10% to 15% on average. Compared to 1% to 3% regular offer.

That means if you can get at least 10 people to a webinar, you have a good chance of making at least 1 sale. Now we’re talking high ticket so that sale would be worth anywhere from $400 to $1,500, or even more. Pretty good for 10 people, right?

However, it’s hardly a new method as people been using webinars or years now to sell high ticket. So, how is Six-Figures Success Academy any different?

Well, the key is that it’s complete suite with trianing to create your own webinars for those products. Something that has been only avaiable for top affiliates before this came along.

5 Webinars to 6-Figures?

Often when I promote high-ticket products as an affiliate I would see the creator, or affiliate mananger sending out email about webinar spot avaibility. However, there is always one catch. You need to get X number, usually a 100 or so, people to sign up for a specific timed webinar.

Now, unless you are a big name in marketing or have a list of tens of hundreds of thousands subscribers, it’s not easy thing to do. Which end up being a huge dissapointment as I know I could double or triple my sales with a webinar.

Remember, 10% to 15% converstion rate? That means if 100 people attend and the products has a commission payout of $1000, which is the average for what I promote,  I would make $10,000 to $15,000 with a single webinar.  Add the replay value and could be easily $20,000.

Now, that’s nothing to sneaze at.  If you do 5 of these that’s 6 figures right there. Only problem is that I don’t have that many subscribers to fill a webinar at a specific time.

Create Your Own Webinar with Six Figure Success Academy

How would you like to get the same benefits of having a webinar, or make that webinar every half an hour, at your finger tips without an email list, being a celeibry or well-known internet marketer?

This is where Mike Balmaceda and Ty Cohen comes in with their system.

With Six Figures Success Academy you can have a evergreen webinar proting a high-ticket offer for you at autopilot. All you have to do is drive some traffic to it, but Mike and Ty have that as well.

I also have your back and  bonus wil get you unlimited amount of traffic.

Inside The Six Figure Success Academy

Let’s get to the course and training inside the members area. the whole course is around 50 videos that progrsevilly watach and learn over 6 weeks.

Now, don’t worry the videos are not long. In fact, they are about 10 minutes each so you watch them during a break or whenever you have 10 minutes to spare.

I perosnally prefer that style to those 1 hour lessons that bore me to death. These are short and to the point.

The 6-week breakdown is as followed

  • Week 1: You get a crash course on webinars
  • Week 2: Partner with people like Bob.
  • Week 3: Create your money make
  • Week 4: Preparing for maximum success
  • Week 5: Generating thousands of dollars on demand
  • Week 6: Optimize and scale

It’s straightfoward and should be making sales before the 6 weeks are done, or even sooner.

Six Figure Success Academy Bonus

Now, there are a lot of bonuses that Ty Cohen and Mike Balmaceda offer. However, I want to offer something as well.

My bonus consists of getting unlimited amount of organic traffic to your webinars. That mean’s I flood your webinar with visitors based on keyword realted to the product and/or the niche.

So what are you waiting for? Get started with Six Figure Success Academy now.

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