Print Profits Review – Shopify Without Dropshipping or Storage?

Print Profits by Michael Shih is going to change the way you look at eCommmerce and print on demand in 2018. Check out the review now.

Quick Overview of Michael Shih’s System

print profitsMichael Shih has been in the print on demand game for a while now. It is a model that is making him over six figures per month. What is it about and can you get started with it quickly?

Print on demand e-commerce is basically selling items with your design logo or graphic without having to manufacture, warehouse, or ship the item yourself. All you do is promote your products and the print on demand companies take care of the rest.

If this is something that you would like to do and and then even earn $100k per month with, stick around.


The inside of the course is similar to what you might expect from a online system like this. The main part is divided into eight modules, which covers a specific part of building the print on demand business. Let’s take a look:

  • Module 1: naturally the first one focuses on building a foundation for your future business. Which includes the basics, research, and store creation.
  • Module 2: is about the product, or more specifically designed, that you will be selling. In this one you learn how to research designs as well as designers and everything in between.
  • Module 3: it’s time to set up your business. Michael goes over the suppliers, products, prices as well as how to research your potential customers.
  • Module 4: now that you know your potential customer it is time to get them to your store. This is done mostly with advertising methods by both Michael Shih and Fred Lam.
  • Module 5: here you get into specific advertising methods used by Michael that you can start with five dollars or so per day. Make sure to also check out my bonus for free traffic.
  • Module 6: in this one you’ll start to learn how to automate most parts of your business. This will allow you free time to start new businesses or just enjoy the profits from the main one.
  • Module 7: is all about taking your store to the next level. With the use of apps and funnels you can triple your profits without changing the product or creating more.
  • Module 8: you can also expand your store by using other methods like email marketing and social media. This will help you to build up your brand into a household name.

The course also includes

  • Biweekly training: an online print on demand training sessions as well as Q&A calls every two weeks
  • Community: a place where you can ask and talk about bold the products and your store
  • Merch by Amazon: method to sell your products on Amazon without having to worry about customer service.
  • Lagging Mastery: you can also add leggings to your store which your own designs. I like this one because leggings are fairly new in that print on demand space.
  • Funnels Stealer: Michael and Fred will give you there seven-figure funnels to use for your own store.
  • Google shopping: to be featured in Google shopping. This means when somebody searches for items that you are offering in Google shopping your results will show up.

Why e-commerce still works in 2018

shopify 2018E-commerce is not a new thing, as it even predates the Internet itself, but even in the early 2000’s  alot less people were buying online. For example, in 2000 there was $27.61 billion in e-commerce sales.

First forward to 2017, and a number have has risen to $453.5 billion in sales. That’s a 1542% gain in 17 years. On top of that it has been growing at around 15% per year since 2010.

At this rate eCommerce sales will be over half a trillion dollars in 2018 and a trillion dollars by as early as 2024. That’s why its not too late to get into ecommerce. In fact, its a perfect time because of one thing, technology.

The main reason for such an increase has been thanks to technology. While the early 2000 one of the biggest concerns was security while buying online. These day it’s all about convenience. Technology has fixed both problems.

With secure websites, multi-level payment processing security and bank monitore transaction its safe to buy online. It’s also cheaper,  more reliable and quicker than it ever was and that’s only on the buyers side.

On seller side thing improved even more drastically.  With platforms like shopify, and print on demand services store owners have wife range of products to choose from. Best part? You don’t need to buy, warehouse or touch any of it.

Everything is taken by the print on demand companies and Shopify. All you do is create your store, product and drive traffic to it. How easy is that?

bonusE-commerce, like every other business online, needs traffic. This is its bloodline, and without it you would not make sales. After all, how can you get sales we have no visitors.

Inside the course you learn great methods to get paid traffic as well as some brand building and methods free traffic. However, I want to give you the ultimate free traffic package.

I will take your store and rank it on the top of most popular search engines for niche related keywords. This means you get free traffic from Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other engines to your site at no extra cost for work to you.

Choice is Yours: Are You Going To Do it in 2018?

Print profits is one of those rare systems that give you an opportunity to earn even $100,000 per month online. However, you actually have to put it in action to gain from it. That means going throught the training and implementing it on your store.

If you willing to do that, I’m willing to help you out with both free traffic bonus and my own experience and knowledge which shall provide print on demand. The choice is yours it’s either nothing print profits.

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