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Ranking site with Keyword Supremacy and without SEO? Find out how this tool changes the way you do keyword research forever. Check out the review and bonus below for more information.

Creator: Todd Spears and Herc Magnus
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My Keyword Supremacy Research

keyword-supremacyAny good SEO will tell you that one of the most important parts of an SEO campaign is keyword research. After all if you do it correctly that’s at least half of the work done. So no wonder that a simple but painful research can difference between earning $0 and a $1000 or more per site a month.

Why painful?

If you ever done deep keyword research you know what I mean. It basically consists of taking a niche and dissecting it into keyword and then doing this over and over again:

  • Finding keywords – where you need to go to google and look for the keywords either using suggest tool or other software
  • Checking metrics – checking search value, stats, rankability, profibility and so on for every keyword you consider ranking for.
  • Selecting the keyword/keywords you want to focus and going a level deeper to research based on these.
  • REPEAT everything for every keyword.

This might not sound as bad but if you want to do it for 300+ keywords it can suck out the life out of you.  I know, I’ve done it. Why? Because it works and I have site that makes me $5k per month using this tactic.


As you can see below it made $25,443 in 5 months so it isn’t juts a fluke. That’s $5088.60 per month.

So why I’m I saying all of this? Because the research that takes me couple of hours can be done with Keyword Supremacy in half an hour. This tool checks all the stats and metrics I had to do manually in minutes. On top of that you get tons of long tail keywords you can either rank along your main keyword or make separate sites to multiple the income streams.

Ranking Sites Like Its 2006?!

review-bonusRemember the time where to rank a site all it took is a domain and some good content? Me neither, I wasn’t doing online marketing back in 2006 but from what I heard and saw it was as easy as that.

However, what I discovered while doing research with the Keyword Supremacy software is that there are still keywords out there that you can rank for with just good ol’ on-page SEO. I’m talking about the long tail or not exactly buying keywords most people don’t even pick up.

I used to find one or two each time I did a my own research but after several hours of checking stats I didn’t think they were worth anything. That changed with KeywordSupremacy, seeing how I cut my research time by 90% I decided to experiment and test out some of these keywords wit.

What happened next?  I started to rank a bunch of them with just onpage SEO. That means I created a website, wrote some content and optimized it. That’s it, no links, no social signals and no extra work.

Now one of these keywords will most likely not make you $5k per month, but $100 to $500 is very doable. Best part? You can build as many of these sites as you want. So if you build 10 that is easily $1,000 to $5,000 per month of passive income.

Then once you build up an income and get better at SEO you can start building those $5k or $10k per month sites.

Onpage SEO Keyword Supremacy Bonus

Now I’m so confident that this will work for you, even if you have never done SEO before, that I’ll do the on page SEO for you (and even help you pick a keyword if you need it).

This means I’ll optimize it the same way I do on all of my sites so you can start ranking right away. Need more? If it doesn’t rank, I’ll build links to it myself so you are guaranteed to rank (this is only for Spitzer Package). This offer is only available for the limited time and you need to send me the keyword before we get started.

As you can see, you have nothing to lose and a site ranked for you to gain. So grab Keyword Supremacy using the link below and get started.

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