Dropship on Demand Review – eCommerce for 2018 and Beyond

What is Dropship on Demand by Don Wilson and why it works?

Creator: Don Wilson
Official site: dropshipondemand.com
Price: TBA

So what is Dropship on Demand?

dropship on demand reviewDoD is an eCommerce system that focus on selling in-demand products for profits quickly and effectively rather than doing traditional eCom where it takes months to see results.

With that said, you will still be building up an effective long-term store while earning on in-demand products. The course includes:

  • 7-Step Dropship on Demand System teaching course
  • e-Com Foundational 4 Training for long term profits
  • Over-the-shoulder Daily Journal of 5 and 6- figure campaigns
  • Facebook Ad set-up course for beginners and advance users.
  • Resource Section for scaling and outsourcing.

Below you can find the in-depth review of Dropship on Demand and each section.

Does DoD System Work?

Don Wilson, a veteran marketer and eCommerce specialist, knows a thing or two about how the online selling space works. In fact, he himself build a 7-figure business and inside DoD you will see him build 5 and 6 figure single campaigns from scratch.

It is because Don is always keeping and eye on the eCommerce space and adjust his strategy accordingly. I really hate the old school mentality of many marketers that keep saying “if you build it, they would come” like it’s the early 2000s or even late.

Sure, once upon a time that worked but these days that eCommerce space is taken by giants like Amazon and Walmart. So unless your swimming in money and have a team of the best engineers in the world I would stay away from taking on these giants.

The truth is that you don’t have to become the next Amazon to make 7 or even 8 figures from eCommerce these days. Small and more personalized stores are gaining popularity online. In fact, Amazon has been buying smaller stores for years now, and Walmart is following the same strategy.

Don figured this out a long time ago and uses to his advantage. Unlike others, he focuses on selling products that are in-demand rather than a bit of everything. This way he is not bugged down with inventory and  losing money on things that don’t sell.

To take this a step further he combines the power of selling in-demand items with dropshipping so his risks are minimal.

But wait, isn’t all dropshipping minimizing the risk? After all, you don’t have to hold any inventory.

That’s true you’re not losing money if you are not selling items with dropshipping unlike holding inventory, but you’re also not making money by not selling anything.

To make long story short, Don create a system where you don’t risk much but have the ability to make a lot. That’s why it works so well.

Let’s into details on what you get.

Inside DropShip on Demand

As previously mentioned, the system is broken down into 4 sections. Let’s see what you get with each one.


  • 7-Step Dropship on Demand System
    • Product Selection – find out why product selection is the most important part of eCommerce and how to do it correctly every time. You even get resources.
    • Store & Product Setup – learn how to create your store and product landing page based on successful campaigns.
    • Validate Your Product With Sales – learn how to find winning products that you can scale to even 6-figures. All from one product.
    • Begin Advertising For Profits – find buying audience for your product and test ads for maximum profits.
    • Product Procurement & Supply Chain – learn how to use the on demand and dropshipping models to fulfill orders.
    • Optimizing Ads & Products – learn how to scale your ads to sell more products faster and for bigger profits.
    • Large Scaling Method – once you’ve done some scaling it’s time to take it to the next level. Even 7-figures per month scale.


  • eCom Foundational 4 Training
    • Production Flows – it’s important to set up your production flows correctly if you want profits  month in and month out.
    • Store Setup – to minimize confusion and loss of customers while maximizing profits you need to create your store well.
    • Team Building – part of scaling, or if you just want more freedom, is building a team. Learn how to do this effectively without wasting time .
    • Backend Marketing – frontend sales are important but there is a lot of money to be made on the backend if you know how to do it correctly.


  • Over-The-Shoulder Daily Journal
    • look at a successful campaigns from day to day perspectives. This means you’ll be able to see exactly what Don and his team is doing to creater 5, 6 or 7 figure campaigns.
  • Facebook Ad Set-Up Course
    • A to Z course on how to set-up your FB account to advanced tracking and audience.


  • DOD Resources Section
    • Sample Email Marketing Sequences – learn how to use email marketing to increase sales by emailing leads and customers.
    • Outsourcing Hiring Templates – this is great if you want to scale but never outsourced anything before. Just use this and you’re good.
    • Necklace Video Templates – videos about how you can run a succesfull necklace campaigns.

Dropship on Demand Bonus

How about a bonus? I’m still working on a perfect bonus that will complement DoD system.

The truth is that I don’t want to add something useless or anything that goes against Don’s mentality. That’s why I want to find traffic source that complements this perfectly.

Does that sound good? Let me know what would you want as a bonus. Maybe I’ll include that as well.

Are you In Demand?

DoD by Don Wilson is one of my favorite eCommerce course in the past few years. It combines the simplicty of using small amount of products, or even one at start, to scaling to 7-figure business.

Thanks to this you never get overwhelmed or confused. Which is a key to succefull online bushiness because once you stop that’s it.

How many times have you found or bought a course that was supposed to be the one but ended not making you a dime?

The problem is that most courses are not designed to work for most people. Dropship on Demand seems to be different and that’s why I recommend it.

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