Slingly Review – New Way To Do eCommerce? (Commercify 2.0)

This the last day you can get Slingly! Find out how it can make you sales in as little as 24 hours from now. Just take a look below!

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Creator: Ricky Mataka
Official Site:
Price: $1,297 or 3 payment of $497

Are You Lazy or Just Not Sure?

Do you know what is the number 1 reason people don’t succeed online?

Procrastination, as most of us have the amazing ability to talk ourselves out of every good opportunity that knocks on our doors.

Just think about the last time you had a great for online business, store or anything else that you ended up putting on hold and then finding hundred and ten reason to not do it.  I bet you were all excited and eager to get started until that familiar feeling creeped in.

You know, the one that keep telling it wont work, and you’ll fail. Maybe it is echoing the words of your spouse, brother-in-law, another family member or a friend that doesn’t want you to be happier then him.

Guess what? Screw that feeling, or at least do that for the next 72 hours or so. Here the the thing. Despite of what you, or other people think about you. You are not lazy, or at least no that lazy. If you have 24 to 72 hours than you will find Slingly very interesting.

Slingly: Inside Look At the World’s Fastest eCom System

slinglySo what makes gives Ricky Mataka’s system the ability to work faster than any other eCommerce system out there? Proven designs, hand picked items, automation and quick execution plan. Let’s take a look how Ricky does it:

The Slingly system is divided into several parts that include over-the-shoulder training, store builder and manager, as well as apps, funnels, targeting library and bonuses.

The over-the-shoulder videos will show you how Ricky creates store to make sure you succeed. Once you do that it is time to build your stores.

Building Your Store

Building your store is as simple as adding items with one click inside the dashboard. It is all done on throught your browser so you don’t need to install anything.  Just login and select from the 3 ways of earning: Print Catalog, Ship N Grow, Physical products.

Print Catalog – Just Click and Deploy Best-Seller

slingly review

This is hands down the easiest and cost-free way to earn with eCommerce. All you do here is pick and choose print designs that Ricky, his team, or his students had success with and start selling. You don’t have to overthink this one and can get started in just hours.

Great way to get sales in under 72 hours with this method.

Physical Products – Drop-Ship Straight From AliExpress, Amazon or Ebay

slingly bonus

You also can’t go wrong with the tradition system of outsourcing items and selling them on your store. However, while while most system focus only on AliExpress Ricky allows you to research and compare items on Amazon, Ebay and Aliexpress at the same time.

This is a great stand alone method or addition to the print on demand.

Ship N Grow – The Premium US shipping and handling solution

ricky mataka slingly

What if you want to ship straight from US? Some of Ricky’s students wanted US shipping so Ricky decided to partner up with a company in the United States that does just that. It’s a great way to use premium shipping and handling while cutting time on the delivery.

Also this is a great way to scale your store with your own products in the future.

The 24 to 72 Hours Slingly Challenge

challengeAs you have seen above, if you take action now you can have sales in as little as 24 hours to 72 hours. Just imagine yourself getting sales within 3 days. What other system gives you an opportunity like this?

However, to make things interested I decide to offer you a challenge. If you buy this using my link and create your first store within the first 72 hours I’ll create organic traffic promotion for you. This is so you will take immediate action and not procrastinate on it for a week or two.

It’s a win-win situation for you. Not only will you start your very own store in the next 3 days and possibly make sales, but have campaign I usually charger $1,000 to $3,000 created for you for free.

So what are you waiting for? Get Slingly below and get started.

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