Blackbird Review – The All-in-One Amazon Suite by Steven Clayton

What if I told you that with Steve Clayton’s Blackbird Suite you could have your own successful Amazon business within the first month?

Creator: Steven Clayton, Aidan Booth and Matt Carter
Price: $97/month
Official Site:

Is Blackbird Suite for Real?


Now if you are not selling on Amazon you might think that this sounds too good to be true, and if you are than you’re already thinking I’m BSing.  And I get that, just few months ago I would say the same exact thing.

The problem is that selling on Amazon is not easy if you don’t know what you’re doing. Unlike Shopify, woocommerce or other self-serving platfroms Amazon has its own Eco-system build inside it and this is what kept me away.

Which is great if you know how to play that system in your favor, but total buzzkill if you just throw up products like you would with Shopify. As you get crushed by the lack of sales, reviews, and not having a correct price.

How does Amazon’s Suite changes that?

I’ll be honest, I bought a few Amazon business systems before. However, never reviewed one because all of them would fall into 2 categories.

  1. Repeating the same thing 100 different Amazon suites said before
  2. Where either to complicated or expensive to run

The first you probably have seen a hundreds times before. All those eBook and $47 courses that promise to unveil the hidden secrets of Amazon. Only to find out that the “secret” is picking a random to put on amazon and lose thousands on testing.

The second is usually better, but rarely worth persuading as it just takes too long and is too expensive to proceed. Which is a same as you often have to drop a good $2,000 to buy the product in the first place.

On the other hand Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth product is only $97 per month and you can cancel anytime.  Not only that but it also offers everything the other two do plus a  lot more. Let’s take a look what you get with Blackbird.

Inside The Blackbird Amazon Suite

The whole system is is broken down into 3 parts that I’ll give a overview off. (click here to watch a more detailed explanation)

blackbird members

  1. BlackBird University – in-depth training (as good or better then those $2,000 systems I talked about) on everything there is to know about Amazon business.  Basically a A to Z guide.
  2. BlackBird Tools – this is what all other Amazon system are missing. Tools for tracking your keywords, finesse, reviews, BSR and even competitions sales.  On top of that you in-depth keyword and opportunity finder so you don’t have to waste thousands of dollars to test out products.
  3. steven clayton blackbirdGrab a Guru – at first I wasn’t really interested in this feature. It seems like a glorified customer service. However, its miles ahead of any support I’ve seen. You see, inside when you grab a guru you actually will interact with someone that has a successful 7 or 8 figure Amazon business instead of some customer representative that is paid $10 per hour.

As you can see this is miles away from anything else on the market and unlike other products with Blackbird you will have the complete suite to get started right now.

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