Print Profits Review – Shopify Without Dropshipping or Storage?

Michael Shih’s Print Profits solves the number one problem why people stay away from Shopify, or eCommerce in general. What is it? Either drop-shipping or  having to buy the items and sell them before hand.

How Does PrintProfits Do It?

Unfortunately, I can’t get into the details just yet as I’m still testing it out. Here are some of the things that I can tell you.

  • It’s a print on demand store, which means
    • you don’t need start up money
    • no need to buy, store or dro-ship items
    • worry about stock, vendors and middleman
    • or have to worry about competition
  • You use shopify for it so:
    • no website needed
    • no hosting needed
    • no web design or coding rquired
    • it uses initiative point and click interface
  • You can get started right away
    • as there are nop requirements to get started
    • uses shopify and apps fopr all the needs
    • you can hand on trianing and software

Why I’m Interested?

Since I started doing eCommerce a few years ago, I’m always on a look out for new ways to bring in the income. So even if you’re already doing eCommerce or even Shopify I would suggest to check this out. It’s always better to have multiple income streams, even if they are in the same market.

As for newcomemrs, or people that never had a shopify store this is actually a nice way to get started.

Like I previously said. It doesn’t require capital to get started, storage or warehouse to keep the stock or the headaches of getting started with drop-shipping.

All in all, I’m looking forward to checking it out further and working with Michael Shih and Fred Lam. They have shown that eCommerce is their game.

Well. make sure to bookmark this page and come back later when I have the full review of Print Profits ready.







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