Mage Omega X Review – Truth Behind Greg Jacobs’ 1-product Funnels

So you want to create your own 1-product funnel with Mage Omega, start making $10,000 per month, quit your day job, buy a sports car and rule the eCommerce world? Okay, maybe not rule but definitely  put a dent in the $395 billion eCommerce industry and make enough for financial freedom.

Name: MageOmegaX
Creator: Greg Jacobs
Official Site:

Starting an eCom Store VS One Product Funnel

mage omega x babyWorking for yourself is not easy. Especially when you have to juggle work, school, kids and the constant lack of sleep.

I still remember trying to create quality content for my first blog while having a 2-year-old running around like a headless chicken.  Surprisingly, a one that can scream quite loudly.

Despite what you heard that is the reality for many online marketers. And while not everyone has to change a diaper for every paragraph he writes, there are bills, chores, and daily struggle we all face on top of trying to make it.

However, before this, because one of those “I had it bad” posts let me just tell you there is some good news. If you’re serious about creating an online income, you’ll make it too. Depending on what you use it might take you a month, a year or maybe just a week. The key is to pick something and stick to it.

So why are One Click Funnels superior to eCom Stores when you’re just starting out?

From my research, I found that there are two types of benefits for having single product funnel, technical and psychological.

sale funnel mage omegaTechnical benefits:

• Easy to deploy (no learning curve)
• Can build as many or as few as you want
• Can test different products in different niches fast (read below for more info)
• Can be changed, rebuild, or deleted fast.
• No additional time or cost needed for content, graphics, etc

Psychological Benefits:

• Visitor has only 1 product to choose from (I’ll talk about this in a minute)
• No lengthy check out process
• Simple one click upsell
• Victors stays on a set path

The technical benefits are self-explanatory. They focus on the ease of use and maximum results for minimal effort. Because let’s face it, in today’s world it is hard to commit to something for a long time that might or might not work. With Mage Omega you will know the same day.

The psychological benefits on the other hand deal with ease of use for your visitors and potential customer.As you can see above the second a visitor lands on your page, he is placed on a trajectory to buy that product as so.

mageomega psychology1. Person clicks on the ad, listing or a banner because they are interested.
2. Once a customer land on your page, they only have two choices, buy or leave. There are no distractions, recommendations, ads, or anything like that to lower the CTR.
3. If the visitors decide to buy, he’s promoted to fill out his information, and that’s it. There is no redirection to a third-party store, payment processor or lengthy checkout.
4. As a bonus, you can offer your new customer a one-click upsell

Best part? All of this is scientifically proven. There have been many studies done on the phenomenal that they fewer choices we have the more likely we will buy. One of the first and most popular studies of this was the jam study by Columbian University professor.

To summarize it quickly there was a display of jams inside a super market. At one time, they had 24 flavors on display to try and the other time only 6. The results were as followed.

omegaomegax testWhen 24 flavors were displayed:
• 145 people stopped to try it
• 4 bought the jams

When six flavors were displayed:
• 104 peoples stopped to try it
• 31 bought the jams

As you can see above the display with more jams, seem to be more appealing. It has more than 39% of people stop by and try it than six flavors one. However, only 2% people bought the jam.

On the on the other hand almost 30% of people that tried one of the six flavors bought it.

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Exclusive Inside Look at MageOmegaX

mage omega review

The best thing about Mage Omega is that it doesn’t try to be all, do all, like many products out there.  It sticks to what is simple and works fast. You target single products and not niches or whole markets.

It works with three simple steps:

  1. You find a product (either yourself or using Greg’s criteria)
    2. You deploy one of the Done-4-You funnels
    3. Drive traffic to it (Greg covers wide range of traffic methods in the course)

That’s it, no need to build a WordPress site and write content or outsource it. No need to learn Shopify, WooCommerce or any other eCommerce platform. In fact, you even get templates for your funnels, so all you have to do is change the text.

Here’s a more information what you get with MageOmega

  • Setting Up The Machine: a 6 step set up a process
  • MageFunnels DONE FOR YOU: 4 done for you master funnels.
  • The Technical Chops: how to clone and setup your funnel, pricing, and pixels.
  • MageWave: 16 in-depth Facebook traffic is getting training modules.
  • Abandoned Checkout with Johannes: a 3 part series on how to create a recovery funnels.
  • Get Your First Sale Sessions: 4 part series on how to get started from scratch.
  • How to Fulfill Customers Orders: a module that teaches you how to fulfill a placed order.
  • Why Funnels Vs. Traditional eCom?  1 product funnels vs. regular eCommerce stores.
  • Product Research: training on research, niche selection and picking the perfect product to sell.
  • Graduate and Scale: methods on how to scale your business and make more.
  • Live Webinars Recordings: recording of other students case-studies, training and scaling.
  • Over The Shoulder Series: video training that shows Greg doing the work.
  • Crowdfunding Dream Bonus:  a bonus that will teach you how to create your product and launch it.

mageomegax or nothingIs Mage Omega enough?

The truth is that there are only two choices. You can either leave now and tell yourself 100 lies why this won’t work and continue your search for a product that doesn’t exist.

Or you can get MageOmega and explore find out what is truly possible for yourself. No more second guessing or wasting mothers to find out if something works or not.

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