Zaarkly Roundtable Mastermind Review – 7-Figure eCommerce

Are you waiting for Zaarkly Roundtable Mastermind by Rajiv Miser and  Manie Amari? Get ready for a review to blow your mind.

Creators: Rajiv Miser and  Manie Amari?

The eCommerce System of 2018?

Zaarkly Roundtable MastermindeCommerce has been booming for the past few years, and 2018 might be just the biggest year ever. We’re talking over half a trillion dollars in sales in just 1 year.

That’s over $500,000,000,000 to put it into perspective. So if you divide this into 10 million pieces and grab just one it would be $50,000 in sales.

Not too shabby if you ask me. That’s why eCommerce is without a doubt one of the best ways to earn online in 2018 and the future.

Benefits of eCommerce

So why is eCommerce is so great? Well, aside from the $500 billion in sales there are a few reason why eCom is the king of intetnet marketing:

  • it is one of the oldest ways to earn money online
  • has tens of millions of products to promote
  • has been growing at 15% per year for the past 8 years
  • less competition than other forms of earning
  • you can get started right away

Now as you can see I didn’t say it was easy, simple, fast or any other hype word that most reviews use. Why not?

It’s because the speed and ease of use will depend more on you than anything.

For example eCommerce does have more moving parts than starting a blog or even doing basic affiliate marketing.

However, those two above have huge amount of competition as everyone almost starts with it. Which makes it hard to make money with.

So you have a choice, you can start with something that is simple to do but hard to earn with. Or you can do something a bit more complicated but easier to earn with.

After all, eCommerce is not hard if you have system or someone showing you the ropes.

What is Zaarkly Roundtable Mastermind?

That’s where Zaarkly Round Table come into play. Inside the mastermind you get everything you need to start a 7-figure ecommerce business in 6 weeks or less.

The Elite Roundtable Mastermind membership includes:

  • 6 week of training with mentors that made at least over $1 million each
    • live webinars per week
    • workshops and weekly video training
  • Case-studies to replicate a $100k business
  • Shopify Start-up Masterclass with video content
  • DEMIO private mentoship workshops and power support
  • ZAARKLY exchanged to sell your store if you choose to in the future.
  • Live 3-day Onyx Mastermind meetup in Asia

The mentors include:

  • Michael Koh
  • Charles Livingston
  • Manie Amari
  • Kyle Hamar
  • Jason Miles
  • Ashely Wright

It also includes 3 bonuses

  • Social Media Rolodox
  • Zarrkly Outsourcing network
  • DFU Profitable Niche Research

As you can see that is a lot of guidelines and help yo get your store up to 7-figures.

I’m exciting to keep testing The Zaarkly mastermind and keep you posted.

For now I wish you a good day and keep checking this review for updates, especially around March 11th as this is when Zaarkly Roundtable Mastermind will go live.

Shopify Review – Plan Pricing, Success Examples, and a Discount

So what is Shopify? Ir’s One of biggest if not the biggest eCommerce platform in the world. According to over 400,000 stores are powered by it, compared to their number 1 competitor, Magento, that has 250,00p merchants.  Which also costs a cool $1,999/month for a starter pack and $3,339/month.

What About Shopify Pricing and Plans?

shopify reviewsShopify offers a wide range of pricing plans including Shopify Lite all the way to the enterpise solution for large stores with ShopifyPlus. So let’s take a look at the updated plan for July 2007, cost and key differences.

  • Shopify Lite ($9/month) – entry level plan that allows you to sell on Facebook, process orders anywhere in person, and your website.
  • Basic Shopify ($29/month) – most popular plan for people just getting started. Includes everything Lite version does plus 24/7 support, printing shipping labels, fraud analysis, discount codes, your own shopify website and blog and a fee SSL certificate.
  • Shopify ($79/month) – a subscription that allows you everything the basic does plus gift cards, professional reports and abandoned cart recovery. This will allow you to have a better understanding of your store and how to scale it.
  • Advanced Shopify ($299/month) – this plan i suited for people that are already doing well on Shopify and want to really take it to the next level. It includes advanced report building and thirst-party calcuated shipping rates.
  • Shopify Plus – a specially tailored plan to you and your store, but not needed by most unles you’re doing $100,000 per month or more.

Are there any other Shopify Fees?

What I really enjoy about this platform is that they are clear about their pricing as you can in the imagine below so you know exactly how much shopify cost at all times.

shopify pricing plans

As you can see here are the prices again for the top 3 subscriptions as well as credit card rates for payment processing and transaction fees. This are without question some of the best in the business.

However, are people successful with Shopify? Aside from me let’s take a look at some of the best Shopify stores.

Shopify Success Stories and Examples

One example is GameKlip, which was created by Ryan French and sell game controllers for smartphones. The store was featured Gizmodo, ABC News, PC World, CNET, The Verge, and even Ask Men, among a bunch of other magazines and blogs worldwide. Not bad for something you can outsource from China.


Another, GoldieBlox, is an award-winning construction toys for girls. The store hit $300,000 in monthly revenue by the end of 2013 and has been going strong ever since. This is what I can finding a golden niche.


Don’t feel like you have those kind of ideas? How about selling t-shirts, cups and everyday items with a simple design. That’s what The Ghostly Store has done and they have been killing it ever since.

ghostly shop

As you can see anyone can create a store with Shopify if they know how and what to look for. Can this be solved with a simple tutorial?

Or Do You Need Shopify Experts?

I’ll be honest, it took me some time to understand it all and most shopify tutorials were a lishopify expertsttle help. This is because most people posting tutorials on their blogs or YouTube don’t know much themselves.

That’s why after 4 weeks of struggling I decided to go to the source. Find an eCommerce guru or a Shopify expert and that’s when I found Adrian Morrison. Just a regular looking guy from Mississpi that is making over $400,000 in sales from a store less then 18 months ago. Talk about a success story.

Unofrtunelly, Adrian usually charges $10,000 and up for mentoring and at the time I didn’t have that kind of money. However, there was a silve-ling in all of this as the time Adrian was just releasing his complete course on how to create a store on Shopify and skyrocket it to $2 millions within 2 years.

That course is called eCom Success Academy and you can read my full eCom Success Academy review (just click the link) right now. I go throught the entire course and explain it all. I also included a Shopify Discount and aShopify Bonus that will blow your mind.

Click Here to read it now.