Zero Up Review of 2.0 version and Join Traffic Bonus for 2018

Did you know that eCommerce sales in 2018 were around $451.3 billion? Find out how Fred Lam’s Zero Up can help you grab a piece of that $451.3 billion pie.

Creator: Fred Lam
Price: $1,497 or 3 Payments of $597
Official Site: Zero Up Right For You?

Now before we dive into the review, case-study and bonus let me just make something clear. ZeroUp is NOT one of those get rich overnight scams.

ZeroUp is NOT one of those get rich overnight scams.

Despite automating 95% of store creation process and maintenance, it does not simply make it rain money out of the sky. So if you looking for a magical button that does that, this review is not for you.

I’m sorry, but I’ve fallen for empty promises too many times and just want to be honest and upfront with you.

zero-upSo what is Zero Up 2.o anyway?

In short, it is the second version of popular and in-demand eCom automation software and training that allows you to create and run Shopify eCommerce stores on autopilot. If done correctly, each of the stores can bring in 6 to 7 figures.

All of this is done without you having to invest into products, hold inventory, or even order the products yourself. Once an order is placed on your Shopify store, ZeroUp will automatically fulfill it and send it to the drop-shipper. Hands free commissions.

However, I do recommend logging into members area for 5 minutes a day to check the order and tracking statuses. This is just to make sure everything is running smoothly.

On top of that you get easy email integration and complete funnel builder for better conversions.

How about that $451.3 billion pie?

eCommerce has really taken off in the past 6 to 7 years and now equals over 11% of all retail sales. And with the consistent growth of web sales at 14% to 17% per year this number will only continue to grow. In fact, most major retailers are closing thousands of stores in 2017 due to online competition.

So as you can see where retails are failing (almost all had losses in the 1st quarter of 2018) eCommerce if flourishing.

ecommerce statsThere were around $451,326 million in sales in 2017 alone.

With the 14.3% to 17.2% growth, 2018 web sales will  most likely be between $515,865 to $528,954 million.

Why is this important?

  • There is a lot of money in eCommerce (over $451,326,000,000)
  • And the number keeps growing by around 15.6% a year

This is why if somebody asks me what is the best way to make money online my number one recommendation in 2018 is eCommerce. Especially considering it has the 3 most important factors for online success.

  • Profitability – eCommerce with outsourcing, similar to affiliate marketing,  offers quick ROI without the need to invest your own money
  • Longevity – Building a long-term business should be a priority for any online venture. None of the other forms of marketing offer the stability and sheer growth as eCommerce Does.
  • Brand – Unlike other forms of marketing, with eCommerce you actually build a brand while creating an income for yourself.  In result you will have much more leverage, and can you even sell the business for millions.

This is why 2018 is the year to crush it with eCommerce. If you want an online business that is both profitable and sustainable than eCommerce is your best choice.

Especially with Fred Lam’s Zero Up automation and Shopify. Where you can create and run a store that earns from $5,000 to $30,000 per week on autopilot.

So what are you waiting for? Click Here to get it now.

Fred Lam’s Zero Up 2.0 Review

Let’s take a closer look at the ZeroUp members area. you can see above the system is broken down into 9 modules. Here’s a quick overview of each one and what to expect.

  • Product Engine – Searching, sorting, selecting and publishing is simple with the engine. Just type in URL, market, niche or specific keyword to find thousands of items on that can be sorted and sold with one click of a button. join
  • Ad Ideas – build in feature for easy ad creation and management.
  • Order Status – Have complete overview of orders with order number, date purchased, customer name, total, order date, order ID and actions.
  • Tracking Status – Check an order in greater details with fulfillment status or tracking number.
  • Email Integration – build a list of past visitors and customers for future promotions and profits.
  • Funnel Builder -Build in landing page and funnel builder.
  • Profit Multiplier – easy way to create and manage promotional texts, images, video and coupons. No need for outsourcing it.
  • Training – 8 modules of starting that includes, store creation, inventory arbitrage, turbocharging your store, creating a sales funnel, advertising your store, store management, traffic genius, and scaling up. zerouplab join
  • Knowledgeabase – FAQ and other helpful tips.

Zero Up Bonus: Free Traffic

future-e-commerceOnce you have your store ready you will need traffic, and the more traffic you have the more commissions you will make (without wasting time on fulfilling orders.) So as a bonus I decided to give you the unlimited organic traffic bonus for free.

That means I’ll personally rank your Shopify store (or a website if you want) on top of Google if you buy Zero Up using any of the links on this site.  That mean unlimited amount of highly targeted free traffic without you doing a single thing.

ZeroUP + My Bonus = Hands Off Profits?

opportunity-academy-review-300x300If you combine Zero Up with my bonus you will have both a fully automated store and automated traffic source.  That means after the initial setup your store will run itself.

Just imagine waking up and seeing that you have 10 to 20 orders fulfilled and shipped while you slept. It is one of the greatest feelings in the world.

With it you can be part of the elite group that experiences this everyday. Because at the end of the day, the true difference between failure and success is to recognize an opportunity and use it.

With ZeroUp 2.0 you are presented with the best opportunity of the recent years. Are you going to use it? Or waste it?

Click below to get Zero Up to start the first day of the rest of your life.

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Blackbird Review – The All-in-One Amazon Suite by Steven Clayton

What if I told you that with Steve Clayton’s Blackbird Suite you could have your own successful Amazon business within the first month?

Creator: Steven Clayton, Aidan Booth and Matt Carter
Price: $97/month
Official Site:

Is Blackbird Suite for Real?


Now if you are not selling on Amazon you might think that this sounds too good to be true, and if you are than you’re already thinking I’m BSing.  And I get that, just few months ago I would say the same exact thing.

The problem is that selling on Amazon is not easy if you don’t know what you’re doing. Unlike Shopify, woocommerce or other self-serving platfroms Amazon has its own Eco-system build inside it and this is what kept me away.

Which is great if you know how to play that system in your favor, but total buzzkill if you just throw up products like you would with Shopify. As you get crushed by the lack of sales, reviews, and not having a correct price.

How does Amazon’s Blackbird Suite changes that?

I’ll be honest, I bought a few Amazon business systems before. However, never reviewed one because all of them would fall into 2 categories.

  1. Repeating the same thing 100 different Amazon suites said before
  2. Where either to complicated or expensive to run

The first you probably have seen a hundreds times before. All those eBook and $47 courses that promise to unveil the hidden secrets of Amazon. Only to find out that the “secret” is picking a random to put on amazon and lose thousands on testing.

The second is usually better, but rarely worth persuading as it just takes too long and is too expensive to proceed. Which is a same as you often have to drop a good $2,000 to buy the product in the first place.

On the other hand Blackbird by Steven Clayton and Aidan Booth is only $97 per month and you can cancel anytime.  Not only that but it also offers everything the other two do plus a  lot more. Let’s take a look what you get with Blackbird.

Inside The Blackbird Amazon Suite

The whole system is is broken down into 3 parts that I’ll give a overview off. (click here to watch a more detailed explanation)

blackbird members

  1. BlackBird University – in-depth training (as good or better then those $2,000 systems I talked about) on everything there is to know about Amazon business.  Basically a A to Z guide.
  2. BlackBird Tools – this is what all other Amazon system are missing. Tools for tracking your keywords, finesse, reviews, BSR and even competitions sales.  On top of that you in-depth keyword and opportunity finder so you don’t have to waste thousands of dollars to test out products.
  3. steven clayton blackbirdGrab a Guru – at first I wasn’t really interested in this feature. It seems like a glorified customer service. However, its miles ahead of any support I’ve seen. You see, inside blackbird when you grab a guru you actually will interact with someone that has a successful 7 or 8 figure Amazon business instead of some customer representative that is paid $10 per hour.

As you can see this is miles away from anything else on the market and unlike other products with Blackbird you will have the complete suite to get started right now.

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Slingly Review – New Way To Do eCommerce? (Commercify 2.0)

This the last day you can get Slingly! Find out how it can make you sales in as little as 24 hours from now. Just take a look below!

24 hours sale

Creator: Ricky Mataka
Official Site:
Price: $1,297 or 3 payment of $497

Your Last Chance To Get Slingly. Watch live Q&A for more information.


Ricky and Ross are spilling the beans on their multi-million eCommerce businesses and you can watch it LIVE right now! Click Here to do it.

Are You Lazy or Just Not Sure?

Do you know what is the number 1 reason people don’t succeed online?

Procrastination, as most of us have the amazing ability to talk ourselves out of every good opportunity that knocks on our doors.

Just think about the last time you had a great for online business, store or anything else that you ended up putting on hold and then finding hundred and ten reason to not do it.  I bet you were all excited and eager to get started until that familiar feeling creeped in.

You know, the one that keep telling it wont work, and you’ll fail. Maybe it is echoing the words of your spouse, brother-in-law, another family member or a friend that doesn’t want you to be happier then him.

Guess what? Screw that feeling, or at least do that for the next 72 hours or so. Here the the thing. Despite of what you, or other people think about you. You are not lazy, or at least no that lazy. If you have 24 to 72 hours than you will find Slingly very interesting.

Slingly: Inside Look At the World’s Fastest eCom System

slinglySo what makes gives Ricky Mataka’s system the ability to work faster than any other eCommerce system out there? Proven designs, hand picked items, automation and quick execution plan. Let’s take a look how Ricky does it:

The Slingly system is divided into several parts that include over-the-shoulder training, store builder and manager, as well as apps, funnels, targeting library and bonuses.

The over-the-shoulder videos will show you how Ricky creates store to make sure you succeed. Once you do that it is time to build your stores.

Building Your Store With Slingly

Building your store is as simple as adding items with one click inside the Slingly dashboard. It is all done on throught your browser so you don’t need to install anything.  Just login and select from the 3 ways of earning: Print Catalog, Ship N Grow, Physical products.

Print Catalog – Just Click and Deploy Best-Seller

slingly review

This is hands down the easiest and cost-free way to earn with eCommerce. All you do here is pick and choose print designs that Ricky, his team, or his students had success with and start selling. You don’t have to overthink this one and can get started in just hours.

Great way to get sales in under 72 hours with this method.

Physical Products – Drop-Ship Straight From AliExpress, Amazon or Ebay

slingly bonus

You also can’t go wrong with the tradition system of outsourcing items and selling them on your store. However, while while most system focus only on AliExpress Ricky allows you to research and compare items on Amazon, Ebay and Aliexpress at the same time.

This is a great stand alone method or addition to the print on demand.

Ship N Grow – The Premium US shipping and handling solution

ricky mataka slingly

What if you want to ship straight from US? Some of Ricky’s students wanted US shipping so Ricky decided to partner up with a company in the United States that does just that. It’s a great way to use premium shipping and handling while cutting time on the delivery.

Also this is a great way to scale your store with your own products in the future.

The 24 to 72 Hours Slingly Challenge

challengeAs you have seen above, if you take action Slingly can get you sales in as little as 24 hours to 72 hours. Just imagine yourself getting sales within 3 days. What other system gives you an opportunity like this?

However, to make things interested I decide to offer you a challenge. If you buy this using my link and create your first store within the first 72 hours I’ll create organic traffic promotion for you. This is so you will take immediate action and not procrastinate on it for a week or two.

It’s a win-win situation for you. Not only will you start your very own store in the next 3 days and possibly make sales, but have campaign I usually charger $1,000 to $3,000 created for you for free.

So what are you waiting for? Get Slingly below and get started.

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Fan Page Domination Review – Wolf of Facebook Style?

So what does Fan Page Domination and Wolf of Wall Street have in common? You might think it’s the cash and glory, but there is something in there that most people missed.

Creator: Anthony Morrison
Price: $1997 on
or 3 payments of $797 on Wolf of Fan Page

If you didn’t see the Wolf of Wall Street with Leonardo DiCaprio,  its basically a movie about a guy named Jordan Belfort that made a bunch of money selling penny-stocks.

However, when that wasn’t enough for him, he so started doing illegal “pump and dump” schemes to manipulate the market, lost his business and went to jail.

So what’s the point of the story? During Jordan’s entire career, that continues to this day, there was one driving force that got him from A) where he was to B) where he wanted to go. It was fool-proof strategy.

In fact, it was such a good strategy that he was able to take people literately off the street from college drop-outs to talentless bottom feeders and turn them into millionaires. How? By teaching them his strategy.

That’s what Wolf of Wall Street and Fan Page Domination have in common. Both of them offer a simple, but powerful methods to go from A) to B) with the least amount of resistance. And it has to be simple, because let’s face it, none of us want to waste time on some complicated plan that takes months to implement.

So are you in a place you want to be financially? If you’re still reading this I bet you’re not. And it doesn’t matter if you want to make $1,000 more per month, $10,000 or even $100,000. The only three things you need to know to succeed, no matter how much you want, are:

  1. Where you are?
  2. Where you want to go?
  3. How you going to get there?

Fan Page Domination: The Way To Get There

fan page dominationTwo out of those three need to come from you. If you’re thinking “oh, I want to make some extra money, but no biggie” then stop. It’s time to be honest with yourself, no more of that “I don’t know” crap.

If you can honestly look at yourself in the mirror and say that you’re 100% happy where you are right now, and there is really “nothing” better out there in month, two or a year from now, then what are you doing here?

However, if you’re hungry for success, but just a bit shy, then this is the time to be straight up with yourself. You owe it to yourself to know where you are, and where you want to be. You deserve to know the truth.

Now for everyone else that is just pumped to get from A) to be B), FP Domination is hands down one of the best ways to do it in 2017. Is it the only way? Heck no, but it is without a doubt the most straight-line one that requires the least amount of time, effort, and money.

You can make great money with SEO, Paid Ads, eCommerce, Affiliate marketing and so on. But from my expedience, and I’ve tried them all, dominating Fan Pages is the quickest and simplest one out there.

The Fan Page Domination Strategy whole process is divided into 4 phases.

  • Phase 1: Getting Setup – The key to any success is the correct setup. Anthony inclues all the necessary steps so your Fan Page will be making money straight out of the gate.
    This includes tools, building your page, getting fans, thank you page setup and email lost building.  However, you can also have all of this done for you in 48 to 72 hours by Anthony’s team.
  • Phase 2: Build & Grow – In this phase you start to build out your fan page business by posting, FB live,getting new fans and other strategies so your page will grow naturally.
  • Phase 3: Scale & Launch – Once your page looks awesome and has some fans it scale with the launch blueprint. Anthony does what he calls “Sling shot” method that takes your fan page business from obscurity into hundreds of thousands fans.
  • Phase 4: Monetize & Profit – While you monetize your business through all the phases with ads, thank you page, and profit zone. In this phase you take it to the next level.

fan page domination reviewThose 4 phases will take your new fan page business (or old one if you have) and put it the profit zone, no matter what niche. However, Anthony decided to include additional training, bonuses and case-studies to speed it up and to guarantee your success. These include:

  • Fan Explosion Software – a small plugin that will allow you to get massive amount of fans from your every post.
  • Niche Research – niches perosnbally selected by Anthony that are proven to work with the fan page business model.
  • Fan Page Setup – done-4-you fanpage business delivered in under 72 hrs
  • EmailEDU – email marketing course to show you how to increase profits.
  • Live Workshops – lie training sessions so you’re constantly update on whats working and how to maximize it.
  • Success Connection – get connected with top online entrepreneurs with a series of live webinars and training sessions.
  • Facebook Group – a private FB group for all FPD students and mentors.

Fan Page Domination Bonus: No One Left Behind me make all of this really easy for you.

If you give FP Domination a chance I’m going to do what’s in my power to make it happen for you. If that means getting those first hundred, thousand, or even 10 thousand fans so you will know this works, I’ll do it.

In fact, if by some miracle you’re not banking two weeks or a month from now, I personally make sure you do. Why? Because I know you don’t need another eBook, course or my secret underground training or some other BS people are offering as bonuses.

No, you need to get from A to B, that’s it. So if you can’t do it yourself, I’ll do it for you.

So What Are You Waiting For?

IG-LIT-fishBy now you already know if Fan Page Domination is for you or not. I’m not going to paint you a picture of how many cars you could own, or that beach house you’ve been dreaming about if you just take action.

The truth is that all you have to do is look at yourself now. Do you want to be in this exact spot in 5 to 10 years from now? Or do you want  something more. If you’re perfectly happy, and don’t want anything else then just leave this page.

However, if you know what you want then take action. Because even if you fail, I’ll be there to pick you up. Get your copy of Fan Page Domination below and get started.

Click Here for and Begin Your Journey

Keyword Supremacy Review – Find Keywords No One Else Can?

Ranking site with Keyword Supremacy and without SEO? Find out how this tool changes the way you do keyword research forever. Check out the review and bonus below for more information.

Creator: Todd Spears and Herc Magnus
Official Site:

My Keyword Supremacy Research

keyword-supremacyAny good SEO will tell you that one of the most important parts of an SEO campaign is keyword research. After all if you do it correctly that’s at least half of the work done. So no wonder that a simple but painful research can difference between earning $0 and a $1000 or more per site a month.

Why painful?

If you ever done deep keyword research you know what I mean. It basically consists of taking a niche and dissecting it into keyword and then doing this over and over again:

  • Finding keywords – where you need to go to google and look for the keywords either using suggest tool or other software
  • Checking metrics – checking search value, stats, rankability, profibility and so on for every keyword you consider ranking for.
  • Selecting the keyword/keywords you want to focus and going a level deeper to research based on these.
  • REPEAT everything for every keyword.

This might not sound as bad but if you want to do it for 300+ keywords it can suck out the life out of you.  I know, I’ve done it. Why? Because it works and I have site that makes me $5k per month using this tactic.


As you can see below it made $25,443 in 5 months so it isn’t juts a fluke. That’s $5088.60 per month.

So why I’m I saying all of this? Because the research that takes me couple of hours can be done with Keyword Supremacy in half an hour. This tool checks all the stats and metrics I had to do manually in minutes. On top of that you get tons of long tail keywords you can either rank along your main keyword or make separate sites to multiple the income streams.

Ranking Sites Like Its 2006?!

review-bonusRemember the time where to rank a site all it took is a domain and some good content? Me neither, I wasn’t doing online marketing back in 2006 but from what I heard and saw it was as easy as that.

However, what I discovered while doing research with the Keyword Supremacy software is that there are still keywords out there that you can rank for with just good ol’ on-page SEO. I’m talking about the long tail or not exactly buying keywords most people don’t even pick up.

I used to find one or two each time I did a my own research but after several hours of checking stats I didn’t think they were worth anything. That changed with KeywordSupremacy, seeing how I cut my research time by 90% I decided to experiment and test out some of these keywords wit.

What happened next?  I started to rank a bunch of them with just onpage SEO. That means I created a website, wrote some content and optimized it. That’s it, no links, no social signals and no extra work.

Now one of these keywords will most likely not make you $5k per month, but $100 to $500 is very doable. Best part? You can build as many of these sites as you want. So if you build 10 that is easily $1,000 to $5,000 per month of passive income.

Then once you build up an income and get better at SEO you can start building those $5k or $10k per month sites.

Onpage SEO Keyword Supremacy Bonus

Now I’m so confident that this will work for you, even if you have never done SEO before, that I’ll do the on page SEO for you (and even help you pick a keyword if you need it).

This means I’ll optimize it the same way I do on all of my sites so you can start ranking right away. Need more? If it doesn’t rank, I’ll build links to it myself so you are guaranteed to rank (this is only for Spitzer Package). This offer is only available for the limited time and you need to send me the keyword before we get started.

As you can see, you have nothing to lose and a site ranked for you to gain. So grab Keyword Supremacy using the link below and get started.

Click Here To Get It Now and Bonuses

Sellosity Review – Sell Anything Online Like A Pro

Sean Donahoe’s Sellosity is the answer to your eCom answers. Find out more in the review below

Creator: Sean Donahoe

There are currently internet sites that are developed with eCommerce in mind. These web sites are made so as to fulfill the needs of eCommerce and also please all celebrations utilizing it.

What is sellosity?

Drawing in a client and also obtaining the client to discover and also buy the merchandises on sale on the website or buy its solutions is one essential goal of developing eCommerce internet sites. The internet site has to merely mirror the firm itself; its vision and also perfects, business appearance as well as expertise.

sellosityUndoubtedly, the style of an eCommerce internet site could not be left to a nonprofessional. It should be taken care of by an expert in eCommerce site layout.

Do you have an existing eCommerce site running yet listed below assumption? It is extremely crucial that you have your job developed and also implemented by a specialist eCommerce site developer.

In addition, just how much direct exposure does the expert have to the numerous aspects of eCommerce web site style? ECommerce internet site developers could be involved as a group or as a consultant, it is crucial that the outcome the specialist provides fulfill established criteria.

Finishing the job completely well is a need that is made on the professionalism and trust of the developer and also it is incumbent on the specialist to satisfy the needs. The objective of any kind of eCommerce web site is to transform earnings and also this objective relaxes mainly on the capability of the specialist to supply on his/her quick. Typically, the customer anticipates the developer to take care of the task from style to final thought however any kind of specialist ought to have the ability to manage this.

The smooth motion from touchdown on the website with navigating, information gratitude, acquisition option and afterwards repayment is a concern. In order to attain this, the group leader for the layout group needs to have a lucid image of exactly what the website ought to appear like right from the idea, developing to deal final thought. The whole experience should be a pain-free and also terrific one for the client in order to guarantee repeat acquisitions.

These internet sites are made so as to satisfy the needs of eCommerce and also please all events utilizing it.

Best Sellosity Bonus

Bring in a consumer and also obtaining the client to discover as well as acquire the merchandises on sale on the website or buy its solutions is one vital goal of developing eCommerce web sites. It has to be dealt with by a specialist in eCommerce internet site style. It is really crucial that you have your job made and also carried out by a specialist eCommerce web site developer. Furthermore, just how much direct exposure does the expert have to the numerous aspects of eCommerce site layout?

You’re still here? Get sellosity now.